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Become Granny au pair / Nanny Granny

A senior employment vanguard: the babbysitting.
the laughter of children, a cheerful bustle around you, small faces questioning, requesting, claiming, sometimes, that's what can live single women between 40 and 65 years (or more), and dynamic magnet toddlers.
Like the students at par, which, to finance their education, working with children in a foreign family, and participate in some household chores, there are now grannies pair.
Often when we ceased his professional activity after a period of rehabilitation, recovery understandable, it happens that they are bored. The kids are gone, the grandchildren become adolescents or young adults, tweets have evaporated long ago ...
Moreover, many young seniors living on small incomes. The position they occupied during their working lives, do not allow them to get a substantial pension, or they were housewives or, finally, they seconded their partner in the family business as a volunteer.
Finally, some of them when they reach the elderly find themselves alone because separated or widowed and made to turn into granny nanny will enable them to overcome their loneliness, forge a social bond, to find an environment living, enabling them to stay connected with the real world.
Replace active grandmother by getting the kids to school, helping with homework, prepare meals, play with them, teach them perhaps some rules of living together ... This is a great and noble activity that allows employment retirement accumulation and will improve daily. The nanny grandma makes the babysitting takes his time, mainly caring for the child or children in her care and she finds gestures may have known with his own offspring. She feels useful, even necessary, and thus gives a new meaning to his life.
Devote a few hours of the day at a family lodge, feeds and pays a salary, that's a very attractive senior job!
The mamieadom.com website set up this alternative that recreated something of a family cell altogether so a universe much less impersonal than the traditional guard of children.
This brilliant idea was born near Toulouse, Tournefeuille, in November 2012 between Martine and Julie, a mother and daughter. A concept that is very successful, just read the testimonials on the site.
This formula has, moreover, a real advantage: it is possible for the granny au pair to travel to France but also abroad (Korea, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland ... Among other).
journeys that we have never considered the lack of funds, become possible.
It is also a particularly attractive solution to know the customs and traditions of a region, exchange with native, learn or improve a language and pass as his. It is a mutual enrichment which is an additional advantage.
 The action, communication used to stay in the movement to break with the isolation that often leads to loss of self esteem and definitely accelerates aging.
Host families who testify on the site say that through this, the child is not only a surrogate grandmother but also a comprehensive adult, tolerant, attentive. This does not exclude the fact that it must sometimes impose rules. In short, to show authority when necessary.
When both parties register on the site, they have the opportunity to share their desiderata (working conditions, areas of expertise etc. ..). When the choice is finalized, it follows an exchange of mails, S.M.S, conversations via Skype to get to know and avoid incompatibilities on a vision of educational strategies.
You who are young free senior, a natural, and who love children, please visit mamieadom.com you will find new friends, you bénificierez the opportunity to explore other areas with less cost ; another life awaits you!