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Grandma au pair vs au pair girl

At a time when it is increasingly difficult to find good ways to care for children while parents work, one sees something new and that of the future: the concept of granny at par.

You know the au pair, the young lady who intends to spend a few months in a foreign country to enrich its culture and live in a family in her care of the children? Imagine the same thing, but with older women. A granny au pair is a woman in general between 45 and 75 who come from abroad to look after your children, your home, various small tasks that you will require.

Wondering what interest there is to choose a mature woman rather than a student? Obviously, this choice is personal, and you must set depending on your needs and desires.

In absolute terms, there still has undeniable advantages: a woman "young senior" comes to your country to share a new family life, she no longer necessarily in the home.
She comes to take care of your children with the experience of a mother and a grandmother often. She knows all the ways to avoid minor injuries and recognizes symptoms of different diseases that should involve a doctor or not.
The nanny granny does not necessarily come to learn the language of the country, she knows enough, or it has no exams to pass and it will be entirely devoted to the role it. Instead, she will appreciate to learn its language to your children if this is not the same as yours. What fun you'll have when you come home and your children sing nursery rhymes you that their "almost granny" they have learned.
Grandma pair can still be interested in tourism with you, but she will take your children to see the sights, because it is not afraid to miss a flirtation with a native if it moves with children.
What a pleasure to have in his home a babysitter that children may view as their grandmother, especially if grandparents live far away. Grandma will focus on children, but the reverse will be true. And for parents, it is often easier to get along with a woman of a certain age with a student just out of the crisis of adolescence.
Do not be afraid to seek services to granny, anyway, it often anticipates the needs, it recognizes quickly.
Another advantage of this lifestyle is that pensions are often scarce and more and more seniors looking to supplement their income, what better a job as senior jobs for women above an age ?