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With the work it is sometimes difficult to take care of our little darlings. Who entrust your child? Here is an overview of different solutions to keep toddlers.

Collective guards

Collective nursery

The children are aged from 2 months to 3 years (sometimes up to 4 years). They are guarded by auxiliary childcare or nursery. Nurseries are dependent on the municipality or department and can be managed by a private company. Nurseries are very popular and places are scarce. You must register well in advance.
Cost of collective nursery: according to your income. CAF grants, the city hall or department.

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Become Granny au pair / Nanny Granny

A senior employment vanguard: the babbysitting.
the laughter of children, a cheerful bustle around you, small faces questioning, requesting, claiming, sometimes, that's what can live single women between 40 and 65 years (or more), and dynamic magnet toddlers.
Like the students at par, which, to finance their education, working with children in a foreign family, and participate in some household chores, there are now grannies pair.
Often when we ceased his professional activity after a period of rehabilitation, recovery understandable, it happens that they are bored. The kids are gone, the grandchildren become adolescents or young adults, tweets have evaporated long ago ...

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Grandma au pair vs au pair girl

At a time when it is increasingly difficult to find good ways to care for children while parents work, one sees something new and that of the future: the concept of granny at par.

You know the au pair, the young lady who intends to spend a few months in a foreign country to enrich its culture and live in a family in her care of the children? Imagine the same thing, but with older women. A granny au pair is a woman in general between 45 and 75 who come from abroad to look after your children, your home, various small tasks that you will require.

Wondering what interest there is to choose a mature woman rather than a student? Obviously, this choice is personal, and you must set depending on your needs and desires.