Are you looking for someone to take care of your kids or baby at home and help you with your daily chores?

If you want a childcare arrangement that suits your situation and schedule, and hope to find more than just a childminder or babysitter, you have come to the right place. Decide on whether you would like the services of a Granny nanny or a Granny au pair and state your requirements online. 

Call on a Granny Nanny

To pick your little ones up from school, have them do their homework, play with them or take them to their activities... A Granny Nanny will be more attentive and disposed to meeting the needs of your children, often more so than a younger babysitter. Many of them are retired seniors who are looking for a way to supplement their monthly income or who simply want to have a new social activity different from their daily routine. The Granny Nanny who does the babysitting takes her time, caring for the children in her charge as she draws upon her experience developed through years of taking care of her own children and grandchildren. She feels useful and needed, which gives a new impetus to her life. You may look for someone near you, or you may propose for this Granny Nanny to stay at your place. Everything is possible - just state your expectations in your advertisement. 

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Call on a Granny au pair

Just like the principle of a conventional au pair, you can temporarily adopt a grandmother from a different country as a member of the family over a short or long period ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Having someone else at home can help you to reconcile family and professional life more easily, while keeping your children's best interests at heart. The seniors are attentive to the needs of the young and can quickly adapt to them thanks to the skills and experience they have acquired while taking care of their own children and grandchildren. Your children will be able to practise a new language or learn values from these elders. You now have the chance to call on a trustworthy and experienced person for help, and to have a genuine cultural exchange. Provide room and board to your adopted Granny in exchange for a few hours of help with the children. If you wish, just as with a conventional au pair, you may offer her a small financial compensation, and even buy her return ticket.

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