MamieAdom is a great platform on which you can post an advertisement offering your childcare services. More and more families are becoming attracted to this concept and are increasingly entrusting senior caregivers with the education and care of their young ones.
Whether you are retired, work part-time or are perhaps unemployed, your maturity and experience as parents and even grandparents are assets that you can now leverage.
You could choose to be a nanny for financial or social reasons, or an au pair to travel and learn a new language. The decision on which service to offer is completely yours.  

Become a Granny Nanny

Babysitting is a job well suited for seniors looking for work.

As a babysitter, you pick the kids up from school, help them with homework, prepare their meals, play with them...

You get to enhance your daily life, earn some extra cash and expand your social circle by becoming a Granny Nanny. This is a beautiful and noble activity that allows you to discover a new job or have an extra source of income while drawing your pension. The skills you have acquired in raising your own children and grandchildren make you a person with the experience that other parents can trust.
You can offer your services near home or choose a family from another city who offer accommodation at their place. 

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Become a Granny au pair

Very often, we hear about students going abroad as au pairs. They live with a family in another country, taking care of the children, taking them to their extracurricular activities, helping out around the house and participating in family life,...

Today you have the opportunity to become an au pair too. So why not? 

Are you a dynamic senior who loves children and is happy to help out with daily chores?

Are you a globetrotter at heart or have you always wanted to travel but have never taken the time to do so?

Become a Granny au pair and discover another part of the world for a short or long period of time ranging from 1 month to 1 year while living with locals. Learn a new language, meet new people and take care of their children. This is an economical way to travel and have an immersive cultural and social experience. You provide services to the family in exchange for room and board.

Travel to Australia, Canada, Norway or any other destination listed in the profiles of families registered on the site.

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View their requests here: See the families' requests