Dear host family,
My name is Carinna Braynda Fanjavaniaina,I am 20 years
I'm from Madagascar and live in antsirabe.
Antsirabe is a small town in the middle of
In my family we are five my parents, my two
brothers (22 and 20) and I. My Father is a
farmer and my mother is a seamstress.
Both live in betafo, a small village (22 km
from antsirabe) because of their work.
After my graduation in the year 2012, I have
management at the university and need to
move, because antsirabe in betafo, there is
no university, where I can study. I live with
a friend of my mother. She's like aunt for
me. She is divorced and has three children,
one daughter (3) and two sons (5 and 10
I'll help them for the care of the kids and
household, and she gives me shelter and
helps me with my meals. How the au pair
At Home, I'll take care of the three children.
I'll take them to school, I play with them, I'll
help them with homework, I cook...
I am a director of a children's group at the
church. With the kids, we have weekly
meeting, where are we meeting Saturday
and many activities organized.
Once a month we make a way out: a
camping, a hike or just a trip in nature. Its
Sunday I'm teaching the children of the
Bible. Furthermore, we also make mental
activities, for example, board game, quiz...
I've had good times and experiences with
children, because I like to spend time with
them, not only at home, but also outside. As
Leader, I have often training in the church
on the topic " how to deal with children ''
In the year 2015, I have my bachelor's
degree in management. Then I got an
internship at a travel agency. I've got a idea
that I wanted to go abroad. I'm still young
and I have all the time, to study and then go
I have been around for a long time about
the au pair program is one of my friend. I
think when I'm 20 and I almost finished my
studies , now is the right
time according to Europe to fly.
As hobbies, I like like to swim, dance, listen
to music and play basketball.
Why would I, as an au pair in Europe
I am very fond of children. I can handle
good with children and I lived with the
I've been in a lot of and good experience
with children. I would like to gain experience
to guide my future.
One years in Europe is very
important for me, because it is an opportunity
to to learn independently and to new
When I was a lot of interest on Europe, I would like to be there with a family to live. I can improve the language and to
experience the culture. I am interested in the
lifestyle, religion and history of Europe
I hope that this letter if you have ideas about
Thank you for reading and I'm looking
forward to your interest. Dearest Greetings!!!!
Carinna from Madagascar
Port luis


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