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Literally, "au pair" means "equality."

A granny au pair is ideally a person between 50 and 65 years old, who leaves for a determineted period of time in an other country in a host family.

This new, adoptive granny supports the family for caring the children and participating to the daily tasks as she would do at home in her own home. She has to adapt herself to the family lifestyle. In exchnage for her services, the Granny volunteer receives an allowance / pocket money, food and accommodation in the home.

She lives like a full family member. Pocket money amount and working time should be defined before starting the au pair exchange.

To know the different terms, visit the MamiAdom page Tips and Tricks. You will find a lot of useful information, included model contracts in 4 languages.

Considered like a new grandmother, the granny au pair is temporarily responsible for child care. She has to learn about the host family daily life, culture, language and country habits. Granny au pair makes new experiences and discovers new perspectives.  

A host family is a family who has at least one child under 16 years old. She welcomes a Granny au pair from generally a different country for a determined period. Single parent families are considered like a host families.

The new Grandma au pair participates in the family life as a real member and takes part in family activities. The term au pair means "equality".

In the host family, this temporary Grandmother deals primarily with children and participates in domestic chores. In exchange, the host family offers a personal bedroom, meals and pocket money.

Pocket money amount and amount of working hours have to be decided before the Granny au pair starting.

For more au pair exchange information, visit MamieAdom "Tips and Tricks". 

Considered temporary like a "grand mother," you live with your host family, you are mostly in charge of caring children and you participate in daily house chores.
It is a great responsibility.

In addition, you have to make some housework directly related with children, for example:

• prepare meals for children 

• washing, ironing their clothes

• clean their rooms

• take them to school and activities

• help with homework.

Please note, as an au pair, you are not a housekeeper or a nanny or a ward aide. Granny au pair is not an employee but a full family member.  

• Did You want to travel and learn about other cultures?

• Did You want to try new things for yourself?

• Do you like taking care of children?

If you can answer yes to these questions, au pair exchange is for you. 
Au pair exchange immerses you in a new culture and language. At the same time, you live in your host family as a real member. They give you a place to stay and a significant immersion in their country. 

Even if Grannies au pair appreciate the tasks they've been assigned, the children remain an important responsability. Don't be afraid to take on new challenges. Passing these challenges is often synonymous of personal enrichment.  


Ideally a au Granny pair is between 50 and 65 years old.

But she can be older if she is healthy and dynamic.

Be a Granny au pair requires energy and a great sense of adaptability.

We recommend to our Grannies to provide a medical certification to their host family if they ask for one.  

Being an au pair, is the discovery of a new language and a different culture. This is one of the first objectives. But if, for personal reasons, for exemple for your first experience, you are more confortable to be close to your city, you can live the experience that way. 

No, as an au pair, you don't receive salary but a pocket money amount. 
Pocket money amount differs according to the country.

You can check our page "Useful Information" > Select Country > Pocket money and working time.  

Grannies au pair support the costs of their origin country, for example visa or a health check.
Travel costs are the responsibility of Granny au pair, like for a personal travel. However, in MamieAdom, we advise host families to participate financially for the return ticket.

If you can answer yes to the following questions and you want to host an adoptive grandmother in your family for a determined period, then au pair exchange is for you.

• Did you have minimum one child under 18 years old living with you?

• Did you need help to keep the kids? 

• Are you ready to consider this Grandma au pair like a real member of your family and take time to teach her your language and culture few weeks? 

• Did you make a separate room available, give pocket money, food and take an insurance ?

Au pair exchange is a real enrichment to all the family and gives a great support to keep the children and to housework.
 Warning : Granny au pair is not a housekeeper or a nanny or a ward aide.

Granny au pair is not an employee but a full family member.

Au pair stay requires a climate of trust. Literally, "au pair" means "equality."

We entrusted you a new family member who comes from an another culture and in turn you entrust your children. Attention and mutual respect, good communication, clear rules are the key to a successful exchange integration. Unlike an employer-employee relationship, Granny au pair lives with you as a new family member. She participates in daily life and some housework like another family member.
 In the same way you transmit your culture and she also lets you discover her culture, language and customs of her country.  

Anyone with least one child under 16 years old living in the house, can accommodate

Granny au pair, including single parents.

The host family must have a seperate bedroom for the granny and enough resources to give pocket money, make meals and take an insurance.

The host family must consider the granny au pair as a family member who gives assistance with children and light daily tasks.
 The family should be interested to make a cultural exchange.

Everyday, the family speaks in their native language which, most of time, is different from the grandmother au pair language. The host family must be curious about the granny's culture and permit exercise of her religion. 

A granny au pair is fed and housed. 

Besides that, you must provide pocket money and cover yourself with an insurance.

Travel costs are the Granny au pair responsibility, but in MamieAdom, we advise host families to participate financially in return costs.  

Visit :

Tips and Tricks

To accommodate your future Granny au pair we advise to prepare your home and a personal space for her. In this way, she will feel welcomed.

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the stay, the language can be a problem to assimilate quickly planning or different tasks.

Think about writing a planning or a list summarizing your expectations.

Visit our rubric MamieAdom "Tips and Tricks, you will find all the necessary information to organize your exchange, like the amount of hours worked, pocket money amount, the entry requirements in your host country, etc ...

Think about discussing with your granny au pair by email, skype or phone before departing.
 We advise you, on her arrival, to take a few days off to assist and guide her, if it's possible.

For single parents, you must have at least one child living permanently at home.

If you don't find a solution, you're absolutely right to break your agreement with the family or grandma.

A period of one week notice is advisable to allow time for everyone to find a solution.

Then, it will be your reponsibility to find a new family or granny like you have allready done previously.

For MamieAdom, it is important to manage conflicts calmly and responsibly.
 The team offers an e-mail support on to answer your questions. If necessary, phone support will also be available.

We recommend, before finalizing or realizing an exchange to take time to know the preferences and expectations of each part by phone, email or skype.

Grannies Au Pair are usually between 50 and 65 years old.

This age is given as an indication, nothing prevents a 70 years old Granny au pair to offer her services. However, independently of her age, she should be able to take responsibility, to proove her dynamism and adaptability.

Families hosting are free to request a medical certificate which will attest her good health and ability for this job.

Granny wishing to go as an au pair must love taking care of children and desire learning a new language and culture.

Granny au pair must have basic knowledge in the language of the host country.

It is also important that she has enough money to pay for her travel round trip coast, like she would have done for a personal trip.

We recommend you to formalize your exchange using a standard contract that you can find on MamieAdom "Tips and Tricks"> Select your country > Steps, contract...

It is particularly preferable for families to complete and give to their Granny Au Pair an invitation letter and an Accommodation certificate.

These documents may be necessary for your Granny Au Pair to apply for a visa, as an exemple.
You can check all of this information on MamieAdom "Tips and Tricks" by selecting your country.

Do you want to go on Germany, Italy or Australia? 
You don't know what steps to follow and if a visa is required?

Visit the MamieAdom "Tips and Tricks" and select the desired country.

Accommodation certificate is a letter for Granny pair to justify that you are hosting her like an au pair in your home.
It can also be used by her for administrative procedures (visa, proof of address to subscribe mobile phone service ...) 

Fill free to use our accommodation certificate sample in the Tips and Tricks (Contract section or Visa)



Au Pair Placement concerning Granny Au Pair is not yet regulated like the young au pair girls.
However, we believe that it is better to respect the classic regulation for au pair placement.

In accordance with the European Au pair Agreement, the family must submit an invitation letter to the au pair that justifies they are receiving a person at home in context of an au pair exchange.

Fill free to use our invitation letter sample ine the Tips and Tricks (section contract or Visa)

In many countries, for less than 3 months, you will be able to drive with your own driver licence.
However, each country has its own regulations.
You can check this information in our MamieAdom 'Tips and Tricks' page. Select the desired country and click to "Steps, contract, car insurance..."

MamieAdom is the first new generation granny au pair website. With us, you have the opportunity to find your own Granny au pair or your host family directly from the website.

On MamieAdom you find directly your Granny au pair or your host family on the website.
 Members profiles are available without registration.

However, to communicate with grandma au pair or family that interests you, you must be registered and create your profile on the site.
 Then, You will be visible to other members and you can use the internal mailbox of the site to exchange emails.

Additional links:
 • Registration

On MamieAdom you make your research independently.

To do this, you simply have to create a profile and then define criteria like the desired host country or the mastered languages for exemple. Based on these criteria, please visit the "Find a Granny au pair" or "Find a Host family" page.

Search by map or by criteria. A profile list will appear automatically.

Once you find an interesting profile for you, you can contact it by sending a simple message.

On each profile you can find a button "send a message".
Simply click on it to write email to the person (this service is available only for Premium members).
 If you want to write your email later, you can add the profile to your favorites.

The internal messaging system (private messaging system) works like an email box.

Inside, you have the opportunity to find your sent and received messages.

When you send an email to another member, he receives directly a notification on his personal emailbox.
 Also a reminder is sent to him after 15 days if he didn't consult his messages.

Be patient, some people do not check their emails every day.  

Generally Granny au pair is a regular need. Even if a family has been registered for some time, that doesn't mean they aren't on research.
 Generally families who choose au pair method to keep their children, use this system several years.
 Do not hesitate to contact them to propose your services. 

On MamieAdom, at the first profiles are automatically validated, so you can use the website instantly. 

Then, at most 72 hours later, we check all the information contained in each profile to ensure their integrity and relevance.

Each entry is manually checked and we make sure that everyone does not have more than one account. In some cases, we ask for proof of identity. Any suspected profile is put on hold and registrations can be refused.

You also have the option to report a profile. You just need to go to the page of the member concerned and click the button "report this profile". 

When you start planning an au pair exchange, think about sharing by phone, email or skype. It's important to know and determine mutual expectations.

MamieAdom supports users in this task and offers a lot of information about au pair exchange in the "Tips and Tricks" page. You will find for example contracts sample to download, information about the steps...

For questions or help with conflicts MamieAdom Team is available by email on  

MamieAdom controls each profile manually.

However, if a profile looks suspect for you and you think it's better to make a second check, you can let us know. To do this, go on the profile of the suspect person, click the button "report this profile" and send a message to MamieAdom Team.

We will check the profil sent and contact the person.
 We appreciate users' participation to continue to make MamieAdom website a reference.  

In research results, profiles of families and grannies are ranked in the order of their last connection. If the person logs regularly and replies to their messages, it leaves the opportunity to be on the top of the list for everyone. Regarding the selection of criteria, you have to specify your interests.  

For grannies, visit the page: Grannies au pair Area: search by criteria 

For families, visit the page: Host families area : search by criteria

Then select your parameters.  

MamieAdom doesn't offer on-site assistance. But you can contact us anywhere by email at and you can find a lot of information about au pair exchange on our website.

We recommend you to give priority to dialogue and establish true and honest communication to resolve problems and conflicts.

Generally, we turn automatically to our family and friends. Nowdays, you have the opportunity to contact them anywhere by email, Skype or telephone. Think about contacting us to be reassured.  

Post add is free.
 Premium acces is 49,99€/year. 

A discount is applied in case of renewal.

Premium account allows contact with other members using the internal messaging system.  

On MamieAdom there is not placement fees because granny au pair and host family make their research by themselves.

They make contact directly on website by:

- Our search system and consultation of profiles online.

- Our internal messaging system.

To take advantage of these tools, the only condition is to be registered on the site with premium acces for 49,99 euros/year.  

To register, visit the "Registration" page and select your profile (Granny or Family).

If you are unable to register, it may be because you have tried twice to complete the form or you have already made a registration fa ew months ago.

To know, please contact us by email and communicate us the email address with which you are trying to register.  

To log in, click on "Log in" button.

Think about completing properly your ID: email address and password (the one you chose when you registered).

If this doesn't work, it may be because you have lost your password.

To request a new password, click the 'Log in" button, and then click on "forgot your password" and request a new password.  

If you lost your password, click the "Log in" button.
Then, click the question mark next to the field "password" and request a new password.


Log in to the website and go to "My Account", then "Edit my profile".
 In the "change password" tab, enter your new password (twice) and click the "Update" button at the end of the page to save your changes. 

Log in to the website and go to "My Account" > "Edit my profile".
 You can change your information and click on the "Update" button at the end of the page to save your changes.  

Your registration is valid 1 year from your registration date on the website.  

Log in to the website. Then visit your profil and find update my subscription.

Log in to the website and visit the section: My Account > Edit my profile > Unsubscribe.