Au pair exchange in Spain : steps, contract, car, insurance...

To start on good conditions think about essential.



For more safety think about validating a contract between you and your Granny au pair. You can use our model of au pair exchange contract. It allows you to agree about other's expectations (who many hours, house shores necessary, day off...)

Contract sample
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Breach of contract

In case of early termination of the contract, arrange an approximately 2 weeks notice.This will give time to your Granny to organize her return or you to find a new Granny au pair.

Accommodation certificate and invitation letter

Depending on your Granny au pair nationality and the duration of the stay, the immigration can ask her to provide a proof of accommodation and / or an invitation letter. You can find sample letters below.
If necessary, you simply need to complete and sign the document before returning it to your Granny au pair.

Invitation letter sample
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Accommodation certificate sample
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* Identical sample in every language


You need to check with your insurer if you are covered when welcoming someone home. Make sure your liability insurance covers the stay of your granny au pair. Contact your insurer to check with him if you are covered.

Driving licence, want your granny to drive in Spain?  

If you want your Granny au pair to drive, plan to discuss it with her.

ressortissant_europeen.jpg European citizens

European citizens can use their driving license