What are the requirements to welcoming a Granny au pair in Italy?

Does she need a visa? How does it work?


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The Grannies Au Pair do not enter in a working relationship or work regulation. The primary purpose of these exchanges is touristic, it relates to travelling and exploring different cultures. It is up to the host family and the granny au pair to organize all the different terms in a free way. Pocket money must be paid to the Granny au pair, you can check the amounts used in a classic au pair exchange here or visit the section "Granny au pair Compensation in Italy"

Your Granny Au Pair visa application

For her visa application, your Granny Au Pair makes the process. Here are the procedures she will follow.

ressortissant_europeen.jpg European citizens and EFTA

- A visa is not required to travel in Italy. An identity card or a valid passport is good enough.
- For a stay longer than 3 months, your granny au pair must be registered in the civil status register (anagrafe) of your municipality. The registration office will deliver a certificate of registration.

Hors_ue.jpg Non-EU citizens

Some countries do not need a visa for stays less than 3 months

- Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Chile, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico , Monaco, Nicaragua, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, San Marino, El Salvador, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, Uruguay, Vatican and Venezuela.

The other countries need a visa

There are two types of visas (Class A):
- Short stay: valid for 3 months
- Long Stay "visto nazionale"

Accommodation certificate and invitation letter

Depending on your Granny au pair nationality and the duration of the stay, the immigration can ask her to provide a proof of accommodation and / or an invitation letter. You can find sample letters below.
If necessary, you simply need to complete and sign the document before returning it to your Granny au pair.

Invitation letter sample
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Accommodation certificate sample
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* Identical sample in every language