Granny au pair compensation, working time, travel costs in Spain.

How much money? How many working days per week?


Your role as a Granny au pair

Your main occupation is to take care of the host family children. You also participate in the house life by helping with house shores and / or help in the kitchen for example, as you would have done in your home. We recommend to discuss with your host family before departure to determine the rules. You can use our model of au pair exchange contract.

Bed and Board

As Granny au pair, you live with your host family. Your host family has to prepare a good space to accommodate you (a single room preferably or a room shared with children). Meals are borne by the family, including during the days off.


We remind that Grannies Au Pair do not enter in a working relationship and  work regulation. You have to agree together about the amount.
To give you an idea, the amounts usually are between 50 and 80€ / week.

Travel costs  

Normally, you have to pay for your train or flight ticket. If the host family is happy about you, maybe they will propose to refund your return. It is not an obligation. Remember, in the context of a personal travel, you would have paid your transport. This type of exchange allows you to travel differently.

Working time 

You must estimate with your host family how many hours per week they need you. We recommend 20 to 30 hours of work per week maximum, playing and keeping children is included in the work time.

Free time  

One day off per week minimum. You need to agree with your host family.