Grannies au pair : Steps, contract, car, insurance in Canada.

To leave in good conditions, think about essential things.



For more safety think to validate a contract between you and your host family.
You can use our model of au pair exchange contract.
It allows you to agree about other's expectations (who many hours, house shores necessary, day off...)

Contract sample
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Breach of contract

In case of early termination of the contract, arrange an approximately 2 weeks notice. This will give you time to organize your return or find a new host family.


Before leaving, you should always check that you are insured.
- In case of hospitalization or illness, the traveler must be able to pay his medical expenses.
It is recommended to take an insurance covering medical care, hospitalization, ambulance and medical repatriation and accidents.
- If you have a medical treatment, think about taking the quantity necessary.
You should check with your insurer if you are covered for travelling., recommended insurance: responsability, travel, illness




Contact your insurer to check if you are already insured

Contact your insurer to check if you are already insured

When you book a ticket by credit card, often they include some insurance like a 3 months travel cover. Check your credit card options with your bank.

Contact your insurer to check if you are already insured

If you are not insured and you want to be, we recommend that you take out insurance covering general medical expenses.

If you are European, obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Tip: Most of the time, Travel insurance covers all you need.

Driving license, driving in Canada 

Some driving licenses are valid in Canada for a short period., The conditions depend on the Canadian province.