First of all, let me introduce myself more precisely! My name is othman marouch , I am 22 years old and I live by with my parents in a flat , in Morocco in the city of casablanca. I have one sister,one brother and seven nieces and nephews.I share my life between my work and my studies.

Actually, every friday I have to drive two hours to go to my faculty because I am preparing a test, I look after children the rest of the week, and sometimes during the week end I work as a hotesse in VIP room receptions at the rugby games .

I have a lot of experience with children, I learned a lot of things about them when I worked in the holiday center because I had to look after a big group of kids . Thanks to that job I learned a lot of things regarding children and their interests.

I have been working with a nanny agency for two years ,thanks to them i now work in two families every week.When I joined the agency 3 years ago, I met a family with two children: Gabrielle was 3 years old and Matthieu was 4 years old. I’m always with them during the week and the holidays, and now they are like my family.I am very close to these children,their mother and I really are like friends now, and I try to give the best of me for them.
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