Dear au pair,
we are two nurses. I'm italian and my husband is colombian. We speak english, italian and spanish. I'm 32 years old and my husband is 34 years old. We have 3 lovely dogs: Otto, 10 years old, is a lazy dog who loves a lot cuddles and stay on the couch/bed; Voldemort, aka Voldy is a 2 years old Jack Russel, he is full of energy but he loves cuddles; and Gandalf, he is very calm and spoiled!
We have a baby boy Timothy, who is 8 months old and i would like an aupair who could help me with my baby when i'll go to work. Help will not be required everyday for all day. We would like an aupair who could be a member of our family.

We live in Waterford, in the South east of Ireland. it is a quite small city. Timothy is 8 months old and he woke up between 6.30 and 9.30. He take is milk and get ready for the day. Timothy suffers of atopic dermatitis(eczema) so he requires a barrier cream to be applied every morning and evening and normal moisturizer in the middle of the day. Because of his sensible skin, he cannot stay in too hot environments. If he wakes up early he can have a mid morning snack, usually fruit. He has a playmat where he loves to crawl and to walk with the aid of his walker. He eats his lunch between 12-13. It’s normal if he takes just a small nap in the morning. Usually, after lunch, he takes a longer nap(around 2 hours). When he wakes up, he eats his afternoon snack(between 15 and 17). And then play with him. He has his dinner between 18.45 and 19.30 (depends when he has his afternoon snack). He goes to bed around 9.30, before he drink his bottle of milk.

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